Spark passion for CS in young minds

igniteCS provides funding and resources for groups of college and university students to make a difference in their local communities through CS mentorship.


How does it work?

A hand grabbing a piece of paper
Gather Information
Prepare answers to application questions with your igniteCS group using application info.
A hand putting a piece of paper into a box
Submit Application
Applications are now closed for this cycle.
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Decisions Finalized
Groups should hear back via email about their application.
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Ongoing Support
Funded programs will also have access to discounts, guidance, and industry mentors of their own.


Groups of students are welcome to apply if they meet all eligibility requirements outlined below.
Confirm eligibility with the following requirements. For more guided help, see application info.
CS refers to computer science, while CT refers to computational thinking.
A leading principal of your program is to be welcoming to all potential mentors and mentees, regardless of background.

Connect with others who are interested in Computer Science mentorship.

Map of Programs

This map contains past and current igniteCS award recipients and is updated as awards are finalized. We are thrilled to be working with so many incredible mentors who are having such a great impact in their communities.


students on laptops

Do you want to see your students take knowledge from your CS classroom and apply it in the real world through mentoring? Encourage students to apply for igniteCS funding by volunteering to be an advisor.

Advisors to igniteCS programs can be either a college or university faculty member or a local non-profit organizer. If your students’ application is accepted, you’d need to:

  • Attend Orientation with mentors upon acceptance
  • Coordinate disbursement and use of funds
  • Provide guidance to student mentors, but stand back and let them run the show!
Where to Start
  • Post (use this flyer) in your CS department, teacher college, and/or student community center.
  • Encourage your intro CS students to apply.
  • Let your students know you are willing to be a faculty advisor.
  • Use local area school contacts to help connect undergraduates to potential mentees.
  • Seek out students who could use extra encouragement to stay enthusiastic about CS.
More CS at Google

igniteCS is one of many Google initiatives focused on computer science education. Visit our website to learn about other programs that may be of interest to you.