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Your path to starting an igniteCS program

Everyone’s path is different, and some stages can overlap. Most of our programs follow a trajectory like the one below.


Get Inspired

You’re an undergraduate who’s into CS and you want to make a difference in your local community through CS mentorship. You may not have any experience designing a program or mentoring, and that’s ok!


Inspire others

Find other students who would like to join, and a supportive advisor. Seek out and welcome student mentors from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Meet with your core group and go through our Program Planning Worksheet to help you complete your application.


Reach out to the community

Contact a local school or community organization and let them know you want to partner with them. Ask how you can help with their goals and how your amazing skills align with their needs.


Plan the program

Work with your growing group to refine your Program Plan to meet the needs of your community partner. Outline your goals, begin delegating roles and responsibilities, and start focusing on the what, when, where, and how of your program.


Plan your budget

Outline what you need and how igniteCS can help. Think logistics, device and software needs, snacks, and more. Consider what you can use from your college or external sources. Get detailed, creative, and comprehensive. Now you’re ready to apply!

Want to know what we’re looking for in an application?

Executing a large-scale program is not an easy task. Successful programs do not put the strain on one person to run the entire program. Instead, there is a leadership structure that allows responsibility to be delegated and for the program to be carried on and scale into the future. Start assembling your mentor group.

Partnering with the right community groups is essential in making sure your program has a large impact outside of your university. Successful programs build strong relationships with their community partners in order to design a program that meets their needs and ensures their commitment. Learn how to find your community partner and recruit mentees.

Managing a program requires a structured approach to planning and organization. The Program Planning Worksheet will help you and your group carefully think through the logistical, financial, and curricular needs of your programs, all based on what will help meet the community partners' goals.

Budgeting for a program in its entirety before running it can be difficult, but good planning can go a long way towards coming to a realistic, well-justified ask. Successful programs clearly define what they need and why, and have shown thriftiness and creativity in finding resources from university or external sources.

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Program Planning Worksheet

Use this worksheet to plan your program and prepare your application.

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Application Questions

Find out exactly what questions you will need to answer before you start your application.

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